How do I make a website?

Although people think it is difficult putting up a website is now really simple – Really !! Believe me it is…..

You just have to break it down into its component parts

1)  Buy a Domain Name from someone like :
123-reg  Or any of the other registrars on the market

When buying a domain don’t automatically buy the one that has your company name in it – why? – Because unless you are a massive ‘named brand’ nobody (well … very few people) will search for your company – they are much more likely to search for the service you offer so see if you can incorporate that into your domain name ……

2) Buy a Hosting Package – in my experience you dont want to use the same company for the 2 (for reasons i’m not prepared to put online!)
When looking at different hosting packages don’t be bamboozled by all the different services / jargon. Work out what you want your site to do now

  • Host a simple brochure site?
  • Host an ecommerce site? i.e. be able to sell things directly off the site
  • give you enough email addresses for everyone in the company?

and possibly in the future:-

  • Add other domains to your site as ‘add-on domains’ rather than ‘sub domains’ without having to buy more hosting.

An example of a company that does this can be found at

3)  In the control panel Install WordPress into the hosting and then if you are used to programs like MS Word  – away you go………

For further information or if you would like to discuss us doing some or all of this work on your  behalf please contact us via email or call +44 1666 840545