Websites – General Information

Getting a website on the web isn’t difficult in this day and age. But understanding what you want the website to do and getting ‘people’ to your site is the most important criteria.  After all there’s no point in having a website if no one ever visits it !

A word of caution – everyone has a friend or relative that says they will put up a website for them / or they are going to do themselves when they get round to it ….. I would advise against this approach due to the fact that your website (if done properly) will become a very valuable asset to your business and you don’t want to keep asking your friend for favours to keep updating it – and you’ll have to continually update it if you want it to work for you ….

So back to what you want the site to do – do you want to rank highly on google to enable you to get ‘organic’ visitors ?
Do you want to use ‘paid for’ advertising to get people to your site ? Either google or facebook have programs you can join – all you have to do is make sure that the ‘benefit’ of getting a visitor outweighs the cost of getting that visitor.

Other Considerations:-

You have 7 seconds to grab the prospects attention otherwise they will click away !
Have you a call to action? Once someone is on your site what do you want them to do? Make it easy for them !!
Have you a system in place to obtain the prospects name and email address in order that you can ‘talk to them’ in the future.

For Further information on websites please see our
How do I make a website?” page

Examples of Recent Websites

The following examples were sites I put up to attract new business for my offline business in the field of stonecleaning and sand blasting both in Wiltshire and North Yorkshire. By regularly updating the sites and answering the the questions that people search for on Google I was able to get them both to appear on the first page of google and are working at getting them to the top 3 positions !

Abbey Services – Stone Cleaning & Sandblasting in the Cotswolds including Wiltshire / Glos / Oxon / Avon Areas

As a point of interest – 3 days after getting this site to appear on page 1 for the term ‘Stone Cleaning Malmesbury’ I received a phone call which led to an order for £2600  directly because of the website. – I wish it was all as easy as that 😉

North Yorkshire Sand Blasting Services – Sand Blasting (Blast Cleaning) Services offered throughout N. Yorks and surrounding area. an example of a site that sells directly from the website. – a site set up to help a new venture in the area

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