About Us

Stonemill Marketing Ltd is owned by David Sutcliffe

Stonemill Marketing Ltd was started as a sideline to his main business when a number of factors e.g. knee replacement left him with some time on his hands. During the quiet time when he couldn’t work he learnt ‘the art of’ putting up websites that actually work – what he calls ‘ugly websites‘ that customers / prospects can find – give them a bit of information – enough to whet their appetites – and get them to call/email to enquire about the service being offered.
One example is the northyorksandblasting.co.uk website which was put up to enable him to spend more time in his home county of Yorkshire. This website was initially rented out and eventually sold to the company that rented it.

Before that he spent 3 years at Seale Hayne Agricultural College in Devon where he got himself and his team into ‘The Guiness Book of World Records’ by making The Worlds Largest Milkshake, and then advised his sister when she made the largest cocktail in the world ! David then worked on numerous farms throughout the world including Canada / Norway & South Africa. After spending 12 years working in the agricultural machinery arena – from organising national agricultural show stands to selling machinery to agricultural dealers throughout the UK.

With the downturn of the agricultural machinery industry in the late 90’s he diversified and altered direction to utilise his sales experience and joined a small management team which set up the worlds largest online car sales system – mfldirect.co.uk. Selling up to 12,000 cars a month into the trade ….. This site was doing approximately £60million / month way back in 2000!

screenshot of website
Setting the whole system up from scratch – from reviewing cars as they came to the end of their 3 year lease – describing them individually online – offering them for sale – and processing the sale to one of 3500 separate dealerships ….. Once the system had been set up David was kept on to run the sales team of 43 people but found that this wasn’t as rewarding or as stimulating as setting the whole process up in the first place so he moved on and started

Unrenovated flats

Property before renovation

Property developing….

From property developing he found the

Renovated Property

Renovated Property

niche of sandblasting and further specialised into the stone cleaning & restoration field within the conservation arena. He has been doing this right up to the present day but the knee replacement has meant moving back into the internet world in

order to help other business owners / companies find a steady supply of new customers…..
To see whether we can be of service to you please either fill out the contact form or call us on +44 7881 736729