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PLEASE please don’t pay someone to ‘put up a website’ for you (or even worse ‘get a friend to do it’!) and then expect for the money / work to come rolling in – IT WON’T unless you are either prepared to put (lots of!) effort into promoting the site yourself OR being prepared to pay someone to do it for you. Yes – We can do this for you but it won’t happen overnight – there are shortcuts and ‘fast fixes’ that can be taken but to do it properly will take time and a realistic amount of money – Sorry but I thought you’d better know this from the outset….

This is why we now offer you the opportunity to rent / lease sites that we have already put the time and effort into getting in front of your prospects /customers either by being on the first page in Google (other search engines are available!) or obtaining traffic from other sources.

Wouldn’t it be great if you could get a steady stream of enquiries from people wanting your services and who are based in your area …. that’s what a working website can do for you …. A steady supply of warm leads that will readily buy from you if you talk to them – I have done it for myself with my offline (sandblasting & stone cleaning) businesses – please see the examples page and for other small local businesses & we can do it for you ….

For further information please ‘contact us’ or call us 07881 736729

I can already hear people shouting at me saying ‘I’ve already got a website’ – my question would be where does it rank – is it on page 1 for your search term? – If it isn’t then there’s not much point in having it; yes, I know it might be a great looking brochure for your company but are you getting business from it on a regular basis? If you are GREAT – you don’t need me – keep on doing it…….. If you aren’t why not?

Here are some of  the other services we offer in order to help small to medium sized businesses to prosper.

Our services include:-

Obtaining High Rankings on Search Engines
Helping You find More Business …
Simple Brochure Style Websites
E-commerce Websites
Claiming Your Google+ Site for you (along with reputation management)

The reason for Offering these Services ? – To Help YOU, the business owner to either find more customers or do more business with the customers you have.

Working with us will help YOU to focus on spending some time “working on your business rather than just in your business.”

Thanks for looking ….