Search Engine Optimisation

How do I get to the top of Google?

This is the $64million question !

What are the Search Engines Trying To Achieve – What is their Role?

There are many people out  on the internet who promise to be able to get you to the top of google but before you spend any money think on this – What is it that google (or any other search engines) is/are trying to do?………….  Answer – apart from make money themselves (!) they are trying to answer their ‘clients’ search queries with up to date relevant information– thats all. I don’t believe there is anything sinister about it they are just trying to give you information that they think will help you with your query. – If you understand the process that people are generally asking questions of the search engines and are wanting to answer that question with ‘free’ information then adapt your web presence to help the search engines use you to answer the questions being asked.

To do this you will have to think long and hard about how the web is going to help you by thinking as a customer – what is it they are searching for that you have to offer? Then answer that query in a plain simple manner with as much free information as you can afford to give your prospect – then if they are happy with what you give them or what they read they will either buy or contact you.

There are however a few other tricks of the trade that can speed up the process of getting your site up the rankings and if you would like to speak to us about this then please either call us on +44 1666 840505 or email us via the contact us page

Our Offer

We can either put up a website for you (including a ‘contact us’ page) and you then manage it yourself – keeping it updated etc. To find out more please contact us …


Using our own experience and finding out exactly what your requirements are we will put a site together for you that will rank on the first page of Google for a number of ‘relevant keywords’ and then ‘rent’ you the site – for a monthly fee we will ensure that the site stays up to date and relevant and all enquiries are sent direct to you (either to your desktop / laptop or phone – whatever suits you) you then deal with the prospects to obtain the business. There is no contract to sign either – if for whatever reason you no longer want to continue with the service then just email us and we will remove all of your contact details from the site; shut down your email etc. and then find another person / company to take it over.


We can assist you in managing your own site and help claim your position on the Google+ local business directory and then assist in your relationship management – keeping an eye on review sites such as trip advisor and help you manage any bad reviews should you have any ….

To find out more please give us a call or contact us via this form